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  • BOOTICE is a Flash Drive Partitioning and Boot Sector Manipulation tool created by Pauly. It can be used to Partition and Format a USB Flash Drive from Windows.

    Whats new in version
    • Fixed the "Access denied" bug in sector editing function ( UnderWin7+ the writing may fail because "important sectors" of a file system will be protected by OS);
    • Fixed the "Access denied" bug when restoring partition table from a .dpt file;
    • The EBR of logical partitions (also called "partition gap" in WinHex) were added to the partitions list menu;
    • Added supporting to the "testsigning" parameter in BCD editing function;
    • Added supporting to the "bootmenupolicy", which is used to enable or disable the Metro boot manager (blue screen) of Windows 8+;
    • Fixed a bug that causes the writting failure of PBRThis bug exists in v1.1.4 and v1.1.5;
    • Uses Simsun, PMingLiu, Tahoma as the default font to generate the patterns for non-AscII characters in Grub4Dos menu editor;
    • Fixed a bug that causes the hot-key name of Grub4Dos MBR 0.4.6a not saved correctly;
    • Displays the hot-key name in the Grub4Dos MBR screen, not the scan code as before;
    • According to feedbacks, the registry writing was removed from B...

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